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Part 6
Wedded Bliss

Describes the culmination, the final merging where the true Yoga of the seeker and the sought-after takes place. It is the union of the Lover and the Beloved. The seeker found her way back home. In fact, she never left. She was not able to see clearly as long as unreal thoughts and concepts obscured her vision. Now that her foundations are rock solid, she is Home at last! There is now completeness and an awareness of one’s immortality because all the add-ons have disappeared, allowing one’s true nature to emerge - loving, blissful, one with the Source.

blank mirror

“I once had thousands of desires, but in my one desire to know YOU,

all else melted away.” Rumi

A notable shift in perception has occurred. Finally, the answer to the question "Who am I?" - which haunted the seeker like a ghost throughout life - has finally been answered. The search is over; there is Self-fulfilment. Now that there is liberation from personhood, happiness is no longer dependent on any material cause, as it was once before. Now there is the realization of being that Ultimate Reality, and knowing that one’s Essence is Truth. The seeker melted into the sought, the Lover and the Beloved into Love. Unhappiness, suffering, darkness and death, have all been transcended.

A total transformation has occurred: Queen Bliss has taken the place of King Ego. Her Queendom will reign for eternity!  

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