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Gratefulness – Woman expressing gratitude with hands. Close up image of female hands in pr

Part 5
The Engagement

Builds on the analogy of the “Lover and the Beloved". The more the pseudo-identity drops away, the more the seeker can see the Beloved (see Selfless Self), and as a result of disciplined Practice, the seeker's focus shifts from the world of the “seen” to the “Seer” - the Source. There is fresh momentum! After the remaining obstacles which stand between illusion and Reality have been completely cleared away, the seeker can engage with, and draw closer to the Light, to Love, and Oneness! When this occurs, there is continuous, overflowing peace, happiness and fulfilment. Because of these experiences which are causeless, like a spring spontaneously welling up from the Source, there is a strong inclination and pull to spend more quality time in this newfound dwelling. The seeker has found her home in the arms of the Beloved where she is rewarded with incomparable riches, deep contentment and unimaginable peace. These Practices gradually and spontaneously lead the seeker to an even more profound commitment. The “Wedding” is the final step of the journey bringing complete freedom and happiness, i.e., Self-Realization.

“My Beloved grows right out of my own heart. How much more union can there be?” Rumi

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