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Part 4

“Let silence be the art you practice.” Rumi

Introduces the various, essential Practice Tools to help us loosen our attachments and re-establish ourselves, permanently, in and as our true nature, Ultimate Reality. We were suffering from amnesia, which made us forget our real identity. To erase our assumed, false persona, we are prescribed potent medication in the forms of “Self-enquiry”, “Meditation”, “Reciting a Mantra”, and “Singing or listening to Kirtan/song”. When we follow these Practices, repeatedly hammering King Ego, eventually, the mind becomes subservient, is quashed and finally drops back into Source.

After the worldly layers have dissolved, such as the dualities, tendencies, anxieties, hopes and fears, when all the mental chatter quietens down, an expanse of space opens up. This invisible, anonymous, unidentified identity is the portal to infinite Reality.

“Love is the sea where intellect drowns.”  Rumi

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