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Part 3
I Am Unborn

Shows how we have always existed as formless Reality and how the world we see is our projection. We project the visible world in the same way we project our dream world.

We are eternal beings sharing one Essence. We were alienated from Source when our formless identity manifested. Everything we know is known through language, but we are prior to language. Our Reality has nothing to do with words. ‘Happiness’, ‘sadness’, ‘emotion’, ‘peace’, ‘tension’, ‘depression’ etc., all these words did not exist prior to beingness.

Through a process of elimination, we can find out what we are not. We cannot find out what we are because we are beyond definition. How can our little minds reveal our greatness when the nature of our existence is prior to beingness, prior to the mind, prior to the body, prior to everything conceivable and perceivable? Here, we are given insight into our thoughtless, stateless Reality prior to beingness. We existed before the body-form, and we will continue to exist after the body-form has dissolved. Our invisible Presence is the Source of the universe. This Presence does not know birth or death.


We feel estranged and alienated from our Source because we are disconnected. We think something is missing, so we often search for a friend, a partner or a lover to make us feel whole. When we finally know who we are, when we reconnect with our Source, we will realize that our greatest friend, partner and lover is not apart from us. That very sense of completeness or fulfilment we seek from our partners is already within us, as our beloved Source. 

“The lover visible, the Beloved invisible: whose crazy idea was this?” Rumi

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